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Program Category: Film Program

Pull up a seat and settle in for our free Film Program. With many sessions including a Q&A with directors, actors and scriptwriters, it’s your chance to meet the stars of Indonesia’s burgeoning film industry.

Free by registration.

Film Program | Morning Of The Earth

27 Oct 2022 18:00 /

Travel across the coast of Australia, Bali and Hawaii with Morning of the Earth. The classic film made in 1972 by Alby Falzon and David Elfick portrays surfers living in …

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Film Program | Tribute to Richard Oh

27 Oct 2022 19:30 /

Richard Oh’s death has left a sorrowful void in the literary community. We will remember him as a writer, director, and a great patron of Indonesian literature who, for more …

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Film Program | Between Us

28 Oct 2022 18:00 /

Three couples with different ages, experiences, and relationship duration reveal their fears and dreams of living together in front of the camera. The director, Dorota Proba, approaches her protagonists with …

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Film Program | Before You Eat

28 Oct 2022 18:15 /

Do you know the stories behind the food on your table? Before You Eat, written by Kasan Kurdi in 2022, highlights the struggles Indonesian crew members experience on foreign fishing …

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Film Program | Invisible Hopes

28 Oct 2022 18:15 /

Invisible Hopes (2021) is the first Indonesian film reveals the real life of children born to inmate mothers who was forced to live and become victims trapped behind prison bars. …

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Film Program | Indonesia Raja Bali

28 Oct 2022 19:30 /

Experience young Balinese talent with incredible short films curated by Indonesia Raja. The collaborative program, initiated by Minikino, presents short films from several regions in Indonesia. The seven amazing short …

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Film | Before Now and Then (Nana)

29 Oct 2022 18:00

Adapted from a chapter in the novel Jais Darga Namaku by Ahda Imran, Before, Now & Then (Nana) starring Happy Salma plays the main character, Nana. This film tells the …

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Film Program | Tradition Keepers: Touching the Ground & Mother of the Blue Darkness

29 Oct 2022 18:00 /

Follow the stories of personal challenges and cultural survival that run beneath the surface of Indonesia’s textile arts industry and into a world of rituals, ancestors, mythology and ecological wisdom …

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Film Program | Women Short Stories

29 Oct 2022 18:30 /

Enjoy four short stories from Indonesian women filmmakers. I Had a Dream, Monodialog, Robot Mom and Chintya tell stories about dreams, self-care, imagination and family in unique ways. Supported by …

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Film Program | The Last Forest

29 Oct 2022 19:30 /

Known as the giver of life, many believe Jembrana to be the last forest in Bali and the source of water for the surrounding villagers. Unfortunately, it is now slowly …

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