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Program Category: Changemaker Day

Creating pathways for changemakers to connect, learn, and be inspired, the Changemaker Day program takes place on 30 Oct in Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center. With focusing on a specific topic of sustainability, activism, and waste management– the Changemakers Day program runs from 12:00 – 18:00.

This program can be accessed by a Festival 4Day-Pass or 1Day-Pass ticket holder or Changemaker Pass (IDR 250,000).

Changemaker Day | The Power of Kopernik

30 Oct 2022 12:00

Kopernik co-founder Ewa Wojkowska, who has worked with the World Bank and the UN on issues of access to justice and the empowerment of disadvantaged communities, Tungga Dewi, Co-Founder and …

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Changemaker Day | Bali Mystique

30 Oct 2022 13:15

Elora Hardy, the renowned bamboo architect, takes you into the pages of Bali Mystique, a vivid visual journey that celebrates the “Island of the Gods” as a surf mecca, tropical …

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Changemaker Day | Bamboo Warriors

30 Oct 2022 14:30

Elora Hardy is the creative genius behind IBUKU, a design studio rooted in bamboo, that constructs breathtaking bamboo structures, merging natural and modern. Arief Rabik is the force behind Indonesia’s …

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Changemaker Day | OpenArt Storytelling

30 Oct 2022 15:45

Nat Ma has traveled the world capturing and sharing stories of hero journeys through photography and film. Mickaël Couturier has been in the creative industry for more than 25 years …

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Changemaker Day | River Warrior

30 Oct 2022 17:00

French-born Gary Bencheghib is a Bali-based eco-activist and the face behind Sungai Watch, established with his two siblings in 2020. A recipient of the 2022 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent …

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