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Program Category: Book Launches

With the Festival, emerging and established authors have the opportunity to introduce their publication to larger audience at our free digital Book Launch series. You can join them from the comfort of your home and show support for the new words in the world.

Book Launch | Shorter Stories

08 Oct 2021 13:30

“When days are too short and short stories are too long, shorter stories are just enough.” Join Firnita as she shares the creative process behind her second book, Shorter Stories. In …

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Book Launch | Riddles of Existence

08 Oct 2021 16:30

Speaking directly to the riddles of life, Riddles of Existence invites you to fall in love with the world of poems all over again, along with its heartache, joy, and mystery. …

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Book Launch | Naik Puisi: Catatan Seorang Penyair-Pengelana

08 Oct 2021 20:00 /

Tan Lioe Ie’s Naik Puisi: Catatan Seorang Penyair-Pengelana tells his journey of participating in different literature festivals around the nation and around the world. This book shows the different literary cultures between …

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Book Launch | The Wellbeing Revolution: Reclaiming Our Wellbeing

09 Oct 2021 17:30

Stephanie Turvey’s The Wellbeing Revolution is a call for all to arise and reclaim our mental health and wellbeing in the post-industrial age. It aims to develop a pro-health and healing approach …

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Book Launch | Kalyakoorl, ngalak warangka (Forever, we sing)

09 Oct 2021 19:00 /

Kalyakoorl, ngalak warangka (Forever, we sing) is a celebration of the rare Noongar language and the things we share as a community. It is a collection of songs representing the first …

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Book Launch | Sonic Dissonance

10 Oct 2021 17:00

Robyn Yuwell’s Sonic Dissonance follows the story of the highly-acclaimed Balinese Composer, Yudane. Growing up in the interweaving, rich world of Balinese magic, music, mischief, and violence, the composer carves a unique …

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Book Launch | Dragon: Penang Chronicles, Vol I

10 Oct 2021 18:30

In Dragon: Penang Chronicles, Vol I, follow the story of Francis Light, a devious manipulator of the status quo. The author, Rose Gan, shares the journey of writing this adventure and …

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Book Launch | The Art of Living Without Walls: Haute Couture Architecture

13 Oct 2021 17:30

Haute Couture Architecture: The Art of Living Without Walls by Anneke van Waesberghe offers a return to the natural world. It is more than a book on sustainable design, tented architecture, …

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Book Launch | Kita Pergi Hari Ini atau Tempat-Tempat Indah dalam Mimpi-Mimpi Anak-Anak Baik-Baik

14 Oct 2021 15:00

Mi and Ma and Mo have never seen a cat like Miss Gigi. Of course, they had seen ordinary cats before. But Miss Gigi is an Incredible Cat. Extraordinary Cat …

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Book Launch | Puandemik: Kumpulan Puisi Perempuan di Masa Pandemik

14 Oct 2021 17:00

Puandemik: Kumpulan Puisi Perempuan di Masa Pandemik promotes female poets from various regions of Indonesia. Written from 2020 – 2021, the poems convey the feelings, thoughts, hopes, and views of Indonesian …

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