Program Category: Art Exhibitions

Bali’s artistic capital, Ubud is home to a vast array of galleries, museums and cafes hosting exhibitions. Nourish your appreciation for visual art with our free Art Exhibitions or, even better, come along for the opening night.

Art Exhibition | Fabel 1.0

26 Sep 2021 10:00

With his distinctive colors and style, the artist born and raised in Ubud, Bagus Ari Maruta will take you to the fun world of animals, from their different characted and …

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Art Exhibition | WYAH Art & Creative Spaces

07 Oct 2021 07:00

Experience the beautiful WYAH Art & Space, a restaurant on a river cliff with a forest view with a concept in harmony with nature. This unique creative space regularly holds …

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Art Exhibition | Fragment of Desire

12 Oct 2021 09:00

When the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world, we began to feel different types of confinement. Limitations, prohibitions, and efforts to avoid this dangerous virus can easily makes us feel isolated. …

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Art Exhibition I Desa Kala Patra

16 Oct 2021 10:00

The Balinese believes in the concept of Desa Kala Patra that reflects the flexibility of society’s interpretation in a certain area, on a certain time, for a certain situation. SHL Asia, a …

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Art Exhibition | Grey Trip

30 Oct 2021 10:00

A journey between black and white, Grey Trip is Eka Sudarma Putra’s first exhibition. The Balinese tattoo artist, famous for his firm lines, tries to summarize his early journey to the present …

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