Meet our new Head of International Programming: Hannah Curtis!

Posted: 19 July 2023

In the lead-up to this year’s Festival, our new Head of International Programming, Hannah Curtis, sat down with us to talk about her new position, the aspirations for the future of the UWRF programs, and what she likes to do besides work.

What inspired you to take on your new position at UWRF?

I am thrilled to be joining the UWRF team because of the inspiring contribution they make to the literary and creative arts world. Their ambition and commitment to providing a platform for writers from Southeast Asia and all over the world are unparalleled. The UWRF creates a unique forum for people to gather together in person for discussion and reflection, which has become a special occurrence.

Does it feel particularly special to be transitioning into this new role, considering UWRF will be celebrating its 20th anniversary?

Yes, I am incredibly grateful for joining the team on the advent of the 20th Anniversary. What brings us together is a reverence for creativity, inspiration, and community. Longevity is something that should be acknowledged, especially in the age of fast delivery and a short lifespan.

Do you have any specific aspirations for the future of the Festival programs?

Yes, the team and I are interested in collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to programming, as well as celebrating and exploring the paradoxes of life through art, literature, film, and more.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

My favorite thing about living in Ubud is the sense of beauty in everyday life. In my free time, I love enjoying the surrounding nature, reading a book while overlooking the jungle, or practicing Muay Thai.

About Hannah:

Hannah Curtis has been appointed as the Head of International Programming for this year’s 2023 program. Hannah replaces Gene Smith, who has joined the Emirates Literature Foundation. Hannah is an arts and literary programmer and creative producer from Australia. She has worked at many of Australia‚Äôs major cultural organizations, including the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of NSW, and the Melbourne Art Book Fair. Hannah’s interests span across various creative arts, such as literature, music, art, architecture, and design, which she incorporates into all her projects.