UWRF Speakers at Home: Garin Nugroho

Posted: 11 May 2020 Author: sikuska

To highlight the importance of literature in this challenging time, we’ve asked our past UWRF speakers to read a piece of literature, either something they’ve written during social distancing, their previous work, or the work of others. Head over to our Instagram and Facebook to enjoy our first reading in the series, by Movie Director, Garin Nugroho. Below is the english translation of the poem.


“Adam, Eve and Durian” by Garin Nugroho

I’ve always wanted to meet, and meet with love, despite the thousand tragedies within.
We are all truly Adam and Eve, we face tragedies and heavenly hopes.
We are all Adam and Eve, maybe not only from eating apples, but ambarella, custard apple, snake fruit and banana.
We are Adam and Eve, no longer only exploring the cities, but the Mamberamo River, the hills of Sumba, drinking coffee on the corners of Ubud, eating gudeg on the corners of Jogja, or gathering to eat sticky rice and its powder, and durian on the corners of Minangkabau.
We are Adam and Eve, we are the heart of the world, between tragedy and heaven, we cannot understand.
However I will always, always, meet you love.


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