UWRF Book Club: Dwi Ermayanthi, Program Coordinator

Posted: 10 September 2018 Author: sikuska

With an office bookshelf curving with the works of 160+ speakers set to converge for the UWRF18, Festival staff have no shortage of extraordinary stories and literary magic to devour! So what’s keeping them up at night, page by page, in the lead up to this year’s Festival? In our new series, #UWRFBookClub, we chat to the Festival team about their highlight authors and artists. This week we hear from Dwi Ermayanthi, our Program Coordinator.

Clarissa Goenawan – Rainbirds

Clarissa is a rising star! Rainbirds is an unpredictable story, full of surprises. Discovering she was born and raised in Surabaya made me curious to read Rainbirds, winner of the Bath Novel Award. The way she wrote the story made me impatient to move to the next page, keeping me curious until the end. Rainbirds is one of the English novels that I’ve finished quickly.


Leila S. Chudori – Laut Bercerita

Leila S. Chudori’s novels are always worth reading and not only once, perhaps twice or more. Her latest book, Laut Bercerita, is fully satisfied me as a reader. Based on Indonesian revolutionary movement in 1998, Laut Bercerita is straightforwardly written but didn’t lose the dramatic part and of course the love stories. I always like the way she creates fiction based on the real event. Laut Bercerita could be a good way to remind the next generation of Indonesian about the revolution made by students in 1998 and their sacrifice to make Indonesia a democratic country like nowadays. Laut Bercerita has been adapted into a film and will be screened at the Festival.

Fatima Bhutto

I can’t wait to be at Fatima Bhutto’s session at the Festival this year. Even though I haven’t read her books yet, I have listened to her talks on YouTube. One of the talks was about her book, Songs of Blood and Sword, and it was an interesting topic. I think everyone would be interested in what she has been going through in her life and how it has impacted her works.


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