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Posted: 16 September 2019 Author: sikuska

Who would know the Festival’s program better than the staff? In this blog series, we interview UWRF staff about what events they want to see or who they’re most excited to meet. This week, we hear from one of the Festival’s Program Coordinators, Primadita Rahma.  

Prima attended UWRF for the first time in 2013. She volunteered almost every year after and joined the Festival team in 2018 as a Program Coordinator. During the Festival you can find her rushing from venue to venue with her phone in hand, assisting speakers with their schedules, and hanging out with International Writer Liaison volunteers whenever possible.

Main Program | The Hijab Files

Spiritual garment, fashion accessory, piece of armor, symbol of empowerment: the hijab is no one thing. We hear from a panel of Muslim women whose writing about hijabs is far beyond the trope of the silent, oppressed veiled woman. These writers are restoring dignity to the hijab and its wearers with a dash of sass.

“I might be biased or over-glorify the hijab, but during my long spiritual journey, I’ve come to realize that the hijab not only represents my personal values but also covers many social aspects in life. However, I’ve always believed that being a hijabi in Indonesia is relatively easy, so I’d like to hear more about the struggles hijabi women face in countries where they are the minority.”

Main Program | Millennial Memoir

Memoirs are no longer seen as the self-indulgent domain of those at the end of long and accomplished lives: millennials around the world are writing fresh and compelling stories, tackling everything from the legal system to life in the shadow of Tiananmen Square to mental health. Our panelists compare their experiences of putting their lives on the page.

“It gave me goosebumps to know that many realities in Karoline Kan’s life resonate with mine, from how the political situation in our countries affect our education, to the women in our homes who take the lead in our life’s path. I admire the way she writes in a simple yet meaningful way.”

Workshop | Mengabadikan Kisah Kelana

Apa yang dibutuhkan oleh seorang travel writer untuk menghasilkan cerita perjalanan – yang tidak hanya sekadar memaparkan informasi, tetapi juga menyentuh hati dan menjadi sumber inspirasi? Bersama Famega Syavira Putri, ubah pengalaman traveling-mu menjadi sebuah tulisan yang berkesan. 

“An Indonesian female traveler/journalist, Famega Syavira Putri, traveled solo through 18 countries during a four and a half-month journey, and encapsulated her experiences in an incredible book. We are proud to have her as one of this year’s speakers, and I highly recommend that anyone interested in learning how to craft inspiring travel stories joins her workshop.”

Special Event | Cocktail Hour with Yotam Ottolenghi

As the sun sets over Campuhan Ridge, Festival foodies will gather for one of UWRF’s most anticipated Special Events. For an intimate cocktail hour, chef, restaurateur and food writer Yotam Ottolenghi takes us behind the scenes of a career in kitchens and on the page.

“In 2017, I watched Yotam Ottolenghi as one of the judges on Masterchef Australia and I was stunned by his charisma. He also seems very relaxed, which encouraged the finalists to do their best. I’m definitely looking forward to ALL his sessions.”

Festival Club | Boy Mestizo

Kiwi-Filipino comedian James Roque always thought that all his hang-ups about race came from moving to New Zealand as a kid. However, he’s since realized he’d accidentally checked in some baggage on the plane ride there. Buckle in as he unpacks that baggage. Who knows what will come out of it?

“I LOVE comedy and always eagerly await UWRF comedy events. This year, the Festival has invited someone who isn’t just funny but smartly squeezes in social issues too. My favorite is when James shares his intercultural dating experiences, which are hilarious (and relatable)!”

If Prima’s picks piqued your interest click here to purchase your 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass, or visit the individual event pages for Workshop and Special Event tickets. Festival Club is free! See you from 23–27 October.

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