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Staff Picks // Julia Winterflood

Posted: 22 September 2019 Author: sikuska

Who would know the Festival’s program better than the staff? In this blog series, we interview UWRF staff about what events they want to see or who they’re most excited to meet. This week, we hear from the Festival’s International Media Consultant, Julia Winterflood. 

Julia has been with UWRF since 2016. During the Festival you can find her striding between venues with her interview schedules in hand, powering up and down the stairs to the Media Center, hovering in the corners of the interview areas, lurking in the back row live tweeting events, then winding down at Betelnut with a hard-earned Bintang.  

Main Program | Weapons of Mass Distortion 

Indonesia has 150 million internet users and 800,000 hoax-distributing websites, according to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. In a system swimming with fake news, what is the relationship between rising social media use and increasing religious conservatism? How is social media being manipulated for political gain? Join our panel as they unravel these weapons of mass distortion.

“This panel is moderated by one of my regional media heroes, the journalist and analyst Erin Cook. Erin curates the Dari Mulut ke Mulut newsletter which focuses on the biggest stories, insightful analysis and emerging trends in Asia. I look forward to it every week. As if that wasn’t enough to get me excited, the session also features the brilliant young Indonesian writer and journalist Stanley Widianto. It’s bound to both enlighten and entertain.”

Workshop | Investigative Writing 

Wildly curious about a place that’s hard to reach? Unsure how to convince elusive people to open up? Come and hear insights for capturing real life stories and composing creative non-fiction. Patrick Winn, an author covering the criminal underworld, and investigative journalist Pailin Wedel offer a guide to drawing narratives out of hidden places.

“I inhaled Patrick Winn’s Hello, Shadowlands: Inside the Meth Fiefdoms, Rebel Hideouts and Bomb-Scarred Party Towns of Southeast Asia. If you’re on the hunt for a more nuanced understanding of the region’s politics, people, history and economics (not only its dark underbellies), add this book to your list (along with Dari Mulut ke Mulut of course). If you’re an investigative journo attending UWRF, or would simply like to add more interviewing techniques to your kit, register now.

Art Exhibition | Sagilik Saguluk Art Fair 

The Sagilik Saguluk Art Fair, initiated by some of Bali’s most prolific artists, brings together a selection of Indonesia’s most interesting contemporary artists to provide a unique opportunity to buy and appreciate their art directly. This one-off event will showcase an eclectic range of styles working across multiple mediums, including street art, printmaking, ceramics and contemporary batik.

“‘Sagilik saguluk salunglung sabayantaka, paras-paros sarpanaya, saling asah, saling asih, saling asuh,’ is a Balinese phrase which roughly translates as, ‘Be united, respect each other’s opinions, be mindful of each other, love each other, and help each other.’ One of the best ways to help local artists is to buy and celebrate their work, right? I’m sure this will be an Aladdin’s Cave of contemporary art wonders.”

Festival Club | On the Road Again

We’ve gathered a stellar lineup of UWRF’s finest globetrotters to regale you with travel stories both tall and true. There’s nothing left for you to do but order a beer or cocktail at the bar, find a seat, then sit back and soak up the sounds of a good story.

“Who doesn’t love a good travel story? After a long day of racing around the Main Venues, I really look forward to scooting up to Bar Luna, grabbing a beer (or an espresso martini if required), and settling in to listen to the exceptional storytellers on stage. Be warned: Bar Luna fills up quickly, so get cozy on the floor up front if you can’t find a seat.” 

Special Event | Rhyme and Reason in the Region

We’re bringing together old favorites and new voices as UWRF’s finest writers from across the region gather for a long table dinner. Indulge in exceptional Indian cuisine while our writers regale you with tales of this forever fascinating, dizzyingly diverse, most populous part of the world.

“My mind whirs when imagining the kind of conversations that will be woven at this Special Event. With a long list of Festival guests, who knows who you’ll be sitting next to? The lineup includes several of my most-anticipated speakers: Parag Khanna (his epic tome The Future is Asian is astonishing), Eunice Andrada (searing poetry), Faisal Oddang (rising star of Indonesian historical fiction), and Pitchaya Sudbanthad (his debut Bangkok Wakes to Rain has become one of my favorite books). 

If Julia’s picks piqued your interest click here to purchase your 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass, or visit the individual event pages for Workshop and Special Event tickets. Festival Club and Art Exhibitions are free! See you from 23–27 October.

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