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#Afterword: Better Read, Better Wed

Posted: 01 March 2016 Author: uwrf

We all have Festival favourites, but what about dynamic duos that inspire, infatuate and infuriate each other in real life and on the page? In this #Afterword, we listen back …

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#Afterword: Virgin or Whore?

Posted: 23 February 2016 Author: uwrf

Saint and sinner. Madonna and harlot. In cultures around the world, women have had two wildly different personality types imposed upon them. In this #Afterword series, our power panel of feminists including Ayu …

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#Afterword: Buy Me The Sky

Posted: 16 February 2016 Author: uwrf

After telling the stories of countless Chinese women over the course of her journalism career, Xin Ran‘s latest book Buy Me The Sky delves into the very personal side of China’s one child …

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#Afterword: Sustainability & Storytelling in cloth

Posted: 09 February 2016 Author: uwrf

Each of Indonesia’s diverse islands has a unique story to tell, captured for centuries through the colour, pattern and texture of ikat and batik. In this #afterword series, Lucy Siegle, William …

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#Afterword: Farewell Kabul

Posted: 02 February 2016 Author: uwrf

Christina Lamb is a bestselling author and leading foreign correspondent. She has been awarded Foreign Correspondent of the Year five times, as well as the Prix Bayeux and an OBE …

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#Afterword: The girl with seven names

Posted: 19 January 2016 Author: uwrf

Growing up in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee thought her country was, ‘the best on the planet’. As a 7-year-old she saw her first execution, and at 17 she escaped. Her …

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Azhari – Aceh’s Master of Suspense

Posted: 16 December 2015 Author: uwrf

By Sarita Newson Acehnese author Azhari has voiced the woes of his people for more than a decade. The oppressive military occupation of his homeland during the war between the …

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Day Four of UWRF#15: Final Chapter

Posted: 06 November 2015 Author: uwrf

The final day of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival wrapped up with the resounding question: ‘What’s Next?’ Four days of discussion built into an excited, energetic atmosphere where people …

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Day Three of UWRF#15: Naming the unameables

Posted: 06 November 2015 Author: uwrf

The absence of sessions about, as chair Janet Steele says, “the year that cannot be named and the event that cannot be named,” meant that it was a frequent topic …

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Day Two of #UWRF15: An International & Inspiring Must-Read List

Posted: 01 November 2015 Author: uwrf

The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival is all about dscussing how stories can enrich our lives and how they’re created. Friday’s back-to-back jam-packed day of sessions held many gems for …

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