Island Inspiratif: Vitto Christaldi

Posted: 19 June 2017 Author: sikuska

Bali’s creative allure is undeniable. Drawing people from across the Indonesian archipelago and the globe, the island has long been a hub of innovation – constantly evolving and always invigorating. In our new series, Island Inspiratif, we talk to authors, artists and entrepreneurs who have made Bali home, and what it is about the island that gets their creative juices flowing. In today’s blog, we chat to Events and Community Manager at Bali’s first co-working space, Hubud, Vitto Christaldi.

Vitto, please tell us a bit about what you do here in Bali.

I’m the Events and Community Manager at Hubud, Bali’s first co-working space. I also help to coordinate Co-working Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP), an association formed in 2016 to support and promote collaborative co-working across Asia Pacific. In my free time, I organize a monthly pop-up pool party in Ubud called Invasion Ubud.

What brought you to Bali in the first place?

I am Indonesian, but I had spent six years in the Netherlands before deciding to come back to Indonesia. I was looking to settle back in Indonesia, and Bali seemed to be the perfect place for me to integrate back among other Indonesians, while still being surrounded by the international community.

What is it about Bali that has kept you here?

Bali has a charm that is indescribable. The nature is calming, the culture is enchanting, and the community, in Ubud especially, is sympathetic and tolerant.

What are some tips you’d give to people thinking about basing themselves here for a while?

You’ve got to be open to the journey that this island might take you on. I know that sounds very spiritual, but that’s something I’ve experienced for myself over the past three years.

What’s your favorite secret (or not-so- secret) place in Bali?

My home in Ubud! It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

You can follow Vitto’s life in Bali on Instagram under the handle @vittoch.

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