Island Inspiratif: Nik Wood

Posted: 17 July 2017 Author: sikuska

Bali’s creative allure is undeniable. Drawing people from across the Indonesian archipelago and the globe, the island has long been a hub of innovation – constantly evolving and always invigorating. In our new series, Island Inspiratif, we talk to authors, artists and entrepreneurs who have made Bali home, and what it is about the island that gets their creative juices flowing. In today’s blog, we chat to podcaster, Nik Wood.

Nik, please tell us a bit about what you do here in Bali.

I’m a podcaster. My show is called Life Athletics and I interview people from around the world about what it takes to win in life and how to bring excellence to their everyday. I also coach people who want to get clear on their game and their path in life and are ready to level up.

What brought you to Bali in the first place?

I was attending a business retreat that I was hoping would teach me everything I needed to create the business and life I wanted to live. It was four days… It didn’t quite cover the entirety of what I was looking for but it got me to Bali and I fell in love with it.

What is it about Bali that has kept you here?

Bali is what people think of and post photos of when they want to depict an ideal place. It’s gorgeous. Add to that the amazing locals and dynamic expats and you have a mix that is quite unique in the world. Also it’s magic.

What are some tips you’d give to people thinking about basing themselves here for a while?

Be ready to embrace the elements of Bali that aren’t Westernised and be ready to slow down.

What’s your favorite secret (or not-so-secret) place in Bali?

Bambu Indah has been special to me and the waterfalls are almost all stunning.

You can connect with Nik on Instagram and Twitter via @lifeathletics

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