Island Inspiratif: Cika Prihadi

Posted: 26 June 2017 Author: sikuska

Bali’s creative allure is undeniable. Drawing people from across the Indonesian archipelago and the globe, the island has long been a hub of innovation – constantly evolving and always invigorating. In our new series, Island Inspiratif, we talk to authors, artists and entrepreneurs who have made Bali home, and what it is about the island that gets their creative juices flowing. In today’s blog, we chat to the program director of Indonesian short film organisation MINIKINO, Cika Prihadi.

Cika, please tell us about what you do here in Bali.

I’m program director of MINIKINO, an organisation that runs year-round film screenings and workshops, as well as an annual international short film festival, the Minikino Film Week in Bali, which this year will run from 7-14 October.

I’m also an architect, a KUMON instructor, an entrepreneur in out-of-school learning and a film appreciat

What brought you to Bali in the first place?

My first visit to the island was during a road trip from Jakarta to Bali as a seven-year-old child with my family. I could hardly comprehend when my uncle traded a pair of used jeans for a beautiful, intricately carved piece of wood. The second memorable visit to Bali was in 2001 as a freshly graduated architect. I was so impressed by the creative interpretation of tropical and contemporary architecture. It wasn’t until 2004 that I finally left Jakarta to work in Bali as an architect.

What is it about Bali that has kept you here?

I might be based in Bali, but we are still able to build good networks with people across Indonesia and internationally. So much so that even if I had to move for some unbelievable reason, I might still be able to continue doing what I’m doing.

What are some tips you’d give to people thinking about basing themselves here for a while?

Stop being tourist and give back to Bali. Look around for volunteering opportunities that will involve contributing the time and commitment to be in touch with Bali, the island and the people living here. Learning Indonesian language would also be very good, even if you might just end up with remembering few words like ‘terima kasih’ and ‘sama-sama’ (it’s the effort that counts).

What’s your favorite secret (or not-so-secret) place in Bali?

It’s a secret! Let’s see if you can find it in Denpasar. It’s a big park with a beautifully carved stone statue nearby, and home to the biggest central market in the island (or was, before a large fire). I love to walk around the park and take in the people, buildings, colours and smells.

You can connect with Minikino on Instagram using the handle @minikinoevents, or visit their website at

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