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Posted: 14 October 2015 Author: sikuska


Selamat pagi! Apa kabar? Mau belajar Bahasa Indonesia? Ya? Dan silahkan ikut ‘Bahasa Breakfast’ di Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2015.

Don’t understand the above? Then you should probably head down to Joglo @ Taman Baca to learn some basic Indonesian and Basa Bali phrases with the friendly folk from Cinta Bahasa language school. There’s a Bahasa Breakfast commencing three days of the Festival – October 29, 30 and 31.

Whether it’s your first time in Ubud or you’ve never found the time to pick up some phrases, this is the perfect activity for you. And to add to the appeal – there’s food, with all learning accompanied by Balinese sweets and coffee.

So why should you start your Festival day with a Bahasa Breakfast?

As Daniel Prasatyo from Cinta Bahasa says, “It’s fun! It opens the door to Indonesian people and their culture and introduces you to the language in a simple and easy way. At Bahasa Breakfast, you will not learn how to say things in Indonesian – you will learn how to say things the way Indonesians say them.”

Need some more reasons? Here’s a list of why you should definitely be at the breakfasts:

  1. Indonesians love you speaking Bahasa. It’s the perfect opportunity to make friends – even if they are only keeping you around for the entertainment (because a few pronunciation fumbles are inevitable!).
  2. It makes getting around so much easier. Imagine walking around and not having to rely on dubious hand gestures to ask for directions or taxi prices. Life is made simple with a couple of easy phrases: Taman Baca di mana?
  3. It’s fun! Food, new phrases and good company – it doesn’t get much better than that. Actually, it does. Come and learn some Indonesian children songs and take the opportunity to impress everyone around you with your singing ability.

So here’s a little clip to get things started:

(And a cheeky one from UWRF14 speaker Sacha Stevenson, for comedic value only!)

Want to learn more? Click here to buy your tickets.

Sampai jumpa!

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