Posted: 11 October 2017 Author: sikuska

With an office bookshelf positively groaning with the works of 150+ speakers set to descend on the UWRF17, Festival staff have no shortage of literary inspiration. So what’s keeping them up at night, page by page, in the lead up to this year’s event? In our latest series, #UWRFBookClub, we chat to the Festival team about their highlight authors and artists. This week, we chat to Volunteer Coordinator, Ochie.

Kadek Sonia Piscayanti

I’ve always looked up to Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, her works and Mahima Community, which she manages. I consider her a Superwoman; how she can manage all her ideas, activities, and her personal life as a mother and a wife still amazes me. On top of that, she still has the time and energy to help and encourage other promising young artists in pursuing their own passions. She is kind and humble, yet powerful and fierce. When I published my own book three years ago, Kadek Sonia Piscayanti was very supportive and genuinely encouraged me to write more. I know, this looks like a testimonial, but while I’m sure everyone is already familiar with her great books, achievements and artwork, maybe not everyone knows how amazing she is in real life, so I want to share this experience I had with her. I look forward to meeting her again at this year’s festival!

Ni Luh Djelantik

Shoes and a brave woman. I know, I know, many women adore shoes, and Ni Luh Djelantik is one of the few Indonesian shoe designers who has made an international breakthrough (so proud!). But for me, Ni Luh Djelantik is more than that. Her opinions on many important things that are happening in Indonesia – from politics to social matters – resonate strongly with mine. She shares her opinion widely and openly in witty, sarcastic, but informative ways. I can’t wait to see her talk in our panels, to be able to hear directly how she conveys all her clever thoughts!

Voice of Baceprot

Indonesian female muslims who rock the stage with rock ’n roll songs? In addition to that, they are all still students and all wear a hijab? Yes please. I can’t wait to see their performance at the Festival! Breaking the stereotype is not always easy, but they did it and made it to the news. I want to give them my biggest applause and encourage them! Rock those Slipknot songs, girls!

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