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9 ways for writers to get to the heart of the craft at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2018

Posted: 07 October 2018 Author: sikuska

In just over a fortnight our Festival Hub will be buzzing with thousands of curious minds, soaking up the inspiring conversations, fiery debates and impassioned discussions. It’s only natural that amidst all this stimulation, the urge to put pen to paper will be great. Those wishing to sharpen their writing skills, from building characters and scenes to exploring the tricky business of ethics, should not miss these Workshops and Main Program sessions that get to the heart of the writing craft.

1. Workshop: The Journey, 25 Oct, 14:00-17:00, The Samaya Ubud

There and back again. The journey is the classic story structure at the heart of some of our most treasured tales. From quotidian to questing, award-winning novelist Isobelle Carmody will show you how this story arc can be the scaffolding for something special – pack your ideas for a masterclass in craft.

2. Workshop: Making a Scene, 26 Oct, Kori Ubud Resort & Spa

All good stories are built from scenes. Learn what a scene is, what it does and how to make your scenes useful and powerful – from the opening act to the closing curtain. Discover how to identify the essential elements and eliminate clutter so you can turn dull into delightful on every page.

3. Workshop: Hidden Histories, 26 Oct, The Mansion Bali

Hunting for original sources, combining journalism with archival research and building an irresistible narrative have been the foundations of Shrabani Basu’s bestselling books. This workshop will equip you with some tips for uncovering stories that might have been lost to time – and bringing them back to life.

4. Main Program: Biographical Boundaries, 26 Oct, Indus

The best biographers have an eye for real life stories with something timeless to tell. From research to revelation, our panel unpacks the art of writing real lives: when do you know this is your story to tell? How do you choose what to leave out? And, most intriguing, where do imagination and creativity fit in?

5. Workshop: Clear and Compelling, 26 Oct, Taksu Spa & Restaurant

Whether you’re writing articles, essays or a deep-diving book, crafting nonfiction that’s both informative and compelling is a particular skill. Mark Lynas shares a wealth of experience to help you unlock the art of taking research and real stories to a popular audience.

6. Workshop: La Bella Figura, 27 Oct, Outpost

Find your inner Sophia Loren in this workshop with journalist, writer and broadcaster Kamin Mohammadi. She fled London for Florence in desperate need of a change, and found herself transformed by the power of la bella figura. Learn how to live, love, eat like an Italian – and how that can inspire your writing.

7. Workshop: Story Fundamentals, 27 Oct, Kori Ubud Resort & Spa

What are the fundamental ingredients of a story? Desire is the core of all narratives – from jokes to novels to plays to films to video games. Clarify and explore the basis of all stories in all genres while learning to distinguish how different genres deepen, and enable these story-telling fundamentals.

8. Main Program: Intimate Instincts, 27 Oct, Indus

Sometimes the smallest details tell us the most. In their moving and memorable books, these writers draw on intimate interactions of ordinary families in extraordinary circumstances. They share the craft of writing that is based in truth, the necessity of going to dark places, and the magic of the cracks where the light gets in.

9. Workshop: Writing and Ethics, 28 Oct, The Purist Villas

Whether you are a poet, a novelist, or a nonfiction writer, questions of ethics are inescapable. This workshop is about what words can do, the trouble they can cause, and the risks and responsibilities of wielding them: a fun, interactive exploration of how to make and unmake trouble with words.

Workshop tickets can be purchased from the individual event pages. To purchase your 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass, click the button below.


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