Yeb Saño

Country: Philippines

Naderev ‘Yeb’ Madla Saño has been working on campaigns and programs to combat climate change since 1997. He is widely known for his work as the Philippines’ Chief Negotiator in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Yeb joined Greenpeace Southeast Asia as Executive Director in January 2016 and leads Greenpeace’s diverse operations across the region.

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Naderev ‘Yeb’ Madla Saño telah mengerjakan berbagai kampanye dan program untuk memberantas perubahan iklim sejak 1997. Ia dikenal luas karena jabatannya sebagai Chief Negotiator Filipina pada United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Yeb bergabung dengan Greenpeace Asia Tenggara sebagai Direktur Eksekutif pada Januari 2016 dan memimpin beragam proyek Greenpeace lintas wilayah.

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