Rachmat Hidayat Mustamin

Country: Indonesia

Film director, film critic and poet Rachmat Hidayat Mustamin is a graduate of the National University of Malaysia. He has been part of Imitation Film Project since 2016. His short film, A Tree Growing Inside My Head, was screened at the 2017 Cairo Video Film Festival and the Chennai International Short Film Festival. His poetry anthologies are Benang Ingatan and Merelakan Diri Terbakar.

Supported by Peter Johnson, as part of the Emerging Writers Patron Program. 

Sutradara film, Kritikus film, dan Penyair Rachmat Hidayat Mustamin adalah lulusan National University of Malaysia. Ia telah menjadi bagian dari Imitation Film Project sejak tahun 2016. Film karyanya yang berjudul A Tree Growing Inside My Head, diputar di 2017 Cairo Video Film Festival dan Chennai International Short Film Festival. Rachmat memiliki antologi puisi yang berjudul Benang Ingatan dan Merelakan Diri Terbakar.

Didukung oleh Peter Johnson, sebagai bagian dari Emerging Writers Patron Program.

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