Noor Huda Ismail

Country: Indonesia

Founder of the Institute for International Peace Building, Noor Huda Ismail’s interest in violent extremism started in 2002, when a former roommate became one of the perpetrators of the first Bali Bombing. His work focuses on reintegration and rehabilitation of former terrorist inmates through social entrepreneurship. He is currently completing a PhD in International Relations and Politics at Monash University.

Pendiri dari Institut Perdamaian Internasional, Noor Huda Ismail tertarik dengan isu kekerasan ekstremisme sejak tahun 2002, saat mantan teman sekamarnya menjadi salah satu pelaku Bom Bali pertama. Karyanya berfokus pada reintegrasi dan rehabilitasi mantan narapidana teroris melalui kegiatan kewirausahaan sosial. Saat ini, ia tengah menyelesaikan pendidikan Doktor program International Relations and Politics di Monash University.

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