Nirwan Dewanto

Country: Indonesia

Nirwan Dewanto is a poet, essayist, editor and curator renowned in Indonesia’s literary circles for his critical stance toward nationalist-populist sentiment in literary works. He is a two-time winner of the Khatulistiwa Award, and his latest work Buku Jingga (The Orange Book) was named Best Fiction Book of 2018 by Tempo magazine.

Nirwan Dewanto adalah penyair, esais, penyunting, dan kurator yang dikenal di kalangan sastra Indonesia karena sikap kritisnya terhadap sentimen populis nasionalis dalam karya sastra. Ia telah dua kali meraih penghargaan Khatulistiwa, dan karya terakhirnya Buku Jingga dinobatkan sebagai Buku Fiksi Terbaik 2018 oleh majalah Tempo.

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