Nigel Barley

Country: United Kingdom

Anthropologist Nigel Barley’s first book, The Innocent Anthropologist, published in 1983, is an account of his field work in Cameroon. After working in Africa and publishing books about his time there, he moved to Indonesia, writing in a variety of genres – travel, art, historical biography, and fiction. His first book written there, Not a Hazardous Sport, published in 1989, describes his experiences in Toraja.

Nigel Barley adalah Ahli Antropologi dengan buku pertama berjudul The Innocent Anthropologist, yang diterbitkan di tahun 1983, adalah catatan pribadinya mengenai pekerjaan lapangan di Republik Kamerun. Setelah bekerja di Afrika dan menerbitkan buku-buku tentang kehidupannya di Afrika, Ia pindah ke Indonesia, menulis dalam bermacam-macam genre tulisan  – perjalanan, seni, sejarah biografi, dan fiksi. Buku pertamanya, Not a Hazardous Sport, diterbitkan di tahun 1989 dan menggambarkan pengalamannya di Toraja.

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