Nh. Dini

Country: Indonesia

Nurhayati Srihardini Siti Nukatin, better known by her pen name Nh. Dini, is one of Indonesia’s most respected and prolific novelists, and one of the nation’s first writers whose work is themed around feminism. Her first novel was published in 1961, with 20 published since. She received the SEA Write Award in 2003. She is 81-years-old and lives in Central Java.

Nurhayati Srihardini Siti Nukatin atau lebih dikenal dengan nama pena Nh. Dini, adalah salah satu Novelis Indonesia yang paling dihormati dan produktif, serta salah satu Penulis Indonesia yang memiliki karya bertema feminisme. Novel karya Nh. Dini pertama kali diterbitkan di tahun 1961 dan 20 lainnya yang diterbitkan semenjak itu. Ia meraih penghargaan di SEA Write Award tahun 2003.  Saat ini Nh. Dini berusia 81 tahun dan tinggal di Jawa Tengah.

Appearing in

Main Program: Nh. Dini: A Living Literary Legend

A living legend of Indonesian literature, Nh. Dini will reveal the flame that sustained her prolific writing career spanning more than five decades. Listen in as she narrates her colorful …