Ndaba Mandela

Country: South Africa

Ndaba Mandela is the grandson of Nelson Mandela. He is the Co-founder and Co-chairman of the Africa Rising Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting a positive image of Africa around the world, and to increase its potential for growth in the areas of education, employment and international corporate alliances. Going to the Mountain is his first book.

Ndaba Mandela adalah cucu dari Nelson Mandela. Ia adalah Co-Founder dan Co-chairman dari Afrika Rising Foundation, sebuah organisasi yang didedikasikan untuk mempromosikan citra positif Afrika kepada dunia, dan meningkatkan potensi kemajuan Afrika di bidang pendidikan, ketenagakerjaan, dan aliansi perusahaan internasional. Going to the Mountain adalah buku pertamanya.

Appearing in

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Main Program: Ndaba Mandela: Going to the Mountain

In Going to the Mountain, Ndaba Mandela shares the story of his coming-of-age alongside South Africa’s rebirth. From the violent, segregated Soweto ghettos to his grandfather’s presidential home, join him …

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At 11-years-old, Ndaba Mandela was unexpectedly invited to live with his grandfather, Nelson Mandela. They built a relationship that would affect both of them profoundly. Over a memorable Maya lunch, …