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Marina Mahathir

Country: Malaysia

Marina Mahathir is a writer and socio-political activist from Malaysia. In 2010, she was awarded UN Person of The Year for her volunteer work in combatting HIV/AIDS. Marina is passionate about women’s rights, which has been a constant thread throughout her career. She has written columns about current issues for over 25 years, and she recently published her fifth book, a memoir, The Apple and the Tree (2021). She has also co-produced a TV program for young women and founded, a travel website for women in Asia.

Marina Mahathir, yang pernah menerima UN Person of the Year, adalah seorang penulis dan pegiat asal Malaysia yang memiliki fokus untuk hak-hak perempuan sepanjang karirnya. Marina telah menulis artikel-artikel mengenai isu-isu terkini selama 25 tahun lebih dan telah menerbitkan buku kelima, sebuat memoar, The Apple and the Tree (Penguin Random House SEA, 2021). Marina ikut memproduseri sebuah program TV untuk perempuan muda dan mendirikan, situs travel untuk perempuan di Asia.

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