Josephine Wilson

Country: Australia

Josephine Wilson is a Perth-based writer and teacher whose first novel Cusp was published in 2005. Her second novel Extinctions won the 2017 Miles Franklin Award, the Dorothy Hewett Award for an Unpublished Manuscript, and was nominated for the Colin Roderick Award. She teaches at Curtin University and is on the Board of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

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Josephine Wilson adalah Penulis novel Cusp yang diterbitkan di tahun 2005 dan Pengajar yang berasal dari Perth. Novel keduanya, Extinctions, memenangkan penghargaan Miles Franklin Award 2017, Unpublished Manuscript di Dorothy Hewett Award, dan masuk nominasi untuk Colin Roderick Award. Josephine mengajar di Curtin University dan juga anggota Dewan di Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

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