Jane Caro

Country: Australia

Jane Caro is a Walkley Award winning Australian columnist, novelist, broadcaster, advertising writer, documentary maker, feminist and social commentator. She has published 11 books, including the novels Just a Girl, Just a Queen, and Just Flesh and Blood, a trilogy on Elizabeth Tudor, as well as her memoir, Plain Speaking Jane.

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Jane Caro adalah kolumnis pemenang Walkley Award, novelis, penyiar, penulis iklan, pembuat domumenter, feminis, dan komentator sosial asal Australia. Ia telah menerbitkan 11 buku, termasuk novel Just a Girl, Just a Queen, dan Just Flesh and Blood, sebuah trilogi tentang Elizabeth Tudor, begitu juga memoarnya, Plain Speaking Jane. 

Didukung oleh The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, UniSA.

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