Ian Burnet

Country: Australia

Ian Burnet has spent 30 years living, working and traveling in Indonesia. His three titles, Spice Islands, East Indies and Archipelago – A Journey Across Indonesia, reflect his fascination with the nation’s diverse history, ethnicity and cultures. His latest book, Where Australia Collides with Asia, follows the epic voyages of British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace around the eastern archipelago.

Ian Burnet telah hidup, bekerja, dan berkeliling di Indonesia selama 30 tahun. Tiga karya Ian yang berjudul Spice Islands, East Indies dan Archipelago – A Journey Across Indonesia adalah karya-karya yang mencerminkan ketertarikannya akan beragam karakter, etnis dan budaya di Indonesia. Buku terbarunya, Where Australia Collides with Asia, mengikuti kisah perjalanan hebat dari naturalist asal Inggris Alfred Russel Wallace yang mengelilingi bagian Timur nusantara.

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