I Gde Pitana

Country: Indonesia

I Gde Pitana is the Indonesian Tourism Ministry’s Deputy Minister for International Marketing and former Director of Bali Tourism Authority. Receiving his PhD at the Australian National University, he has served as Professor of Tourism at Udayana University’s postgraduate/doctoral program since 2001. He has published several books, and supervises PhD candidates at many Indonesian universities.

I Gde Pitana adalah Deputi Menteri Pemasaran Internasional Kementerian Pariwisata dan mantan Direktur di Bali Tourism Authority. Mendapat gelar PhD di Australian National University, Ia telah menjabat sebagai Profesor di bidang Pariwisata di program pascasarjana / doktor Universitas Udayana sejak tahun 2001. Pitana telah menerbitkan beberapa buku, dan mengawasi kandidat PhD di banyak universitas di Indonesia.

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