Guy Gunaratne

Country: UK

Guy Gunaratne lives between London and Malmö, Sweden. His first novel In Our Mad and Furious City was nominated for multiple international awards including The Man Booker Prize, The Dylan Thomas Prize, The Goldsmiths Prize and The Jhalak Prize. He has worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker covering human rights stories.

Guy Gunaratne tinggal di antara London dan Malmö, Swedia. Novel pertamanya In Our Mad and Furious City dinominasikan untuk beberapa penghargaan internasional termasuk Man Booker Prize, Dylan Thomas Prize, Goldsmiths Prize, dan Jhalak Prize. Ia telah bekerja sebagai jurnalis dan pembuat film dokumenter yang meliput kisah-kisah tentang hak asasi manusia.

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