Gillian Triggs

Country: Australia

Professor Gillian Triggs served as President of the Australian Human Rights Commission from 2012 to 2017. She has held many significant academic positions, including Director of the British Institute for International and Comparative Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney. She is currently a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Melbourne and Chair of Justice Connect.

Profesor Gillian Triggs pernah menjabat sebagai Presiden Komisi Hak Asasi Manusia Australia pada 2012 hingga 2017. Ia mengemban tugas di beberapa jabatan akademisi, termasuk Direktur British Institute for International and Comparative Law, serta Dekan Fakultas Hukum di University of Sydney. Saat ini, ia menjabat sebagai Wakil Konselor di University of Melbourne dan Dewan Justice Connect.

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