Erin Cook

Country: Australia

Erin Cook is a journalist and analyst based in Southeast Asia with a strong focus on the Philippines and Indonesia. She is a co-host of the Indonesia dan Lain-Lain podcast and curates the Dari Mulut ke Mulut newsletter focusing on the biggest stories, insightful analysis and emerging trends in Asia.

Erin Cook adalah jurnalis dan analis yang menetap di Asia Tenggara dengan fokus kuat pada Filipina dan Indonesia. Ia adalah salahs atu pemandu podcast Indonesia dan Lain-Lain dan mengkurasi buletin Dari Mulut ke Mulut yang berfokus pada cerita-cerita penting, analisis mendalam dan tren yang muncul di Asia.

Appearing in

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Main Program | Weapons of Mass Distortion

Indonesia has 150 million internet users and 800,000 hoax-distributing websites, according to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. In a system swimming with fake news, what is the relationship …

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