Emmanuela Shinta

Country: Indonesia

Emmanuela Shinta is a Dayak leader, activist, filmmaker and writer whose work is widely known in the Asia Pacific for leading the youth movement to voice Indigenous rights. She is the Founder of Ranu Welum Foundation, ALIVE Global Ministry, Youth Act Center and EL Creative Productions. Her titles include DANUM Magazine, Enlightened (2016) and Me, Modernism and My Indigenous Roots (2018).

Emmanuela Shinta adalah seorang pemimpin Dayak, pegiat, pembuat film dan penulis yang karyanya dikenal luas di Asia Pasifik karena memimpin gerakan pemuda untuk menyuarakan hak-hak pribumi. Ia adalah Pendiri Ranu Welum Foundation, ALIVE Global Ministry, Youth Act Center dan EL Creative Productions. Judul karyanya termasuk DANUM Magazine, Enlightened (2016) dan Me, Modernism and My Indigenous Roots (2018).

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