Debra Yatim

Country: Indonesia

Debra Yatim is an activist, journalist, columnist and documentary filmmaker and founder of three NGOs in Indonesia. She has published five poetry collections, and written a cycle of one-woman plays about polygamy. Driven by compassion and a proud sense of justice, Debra is an advocate for human rights and the rights of minority groups.

Debra Yatim adalah seorang pegiat, jurnalis, kolumnis, dan pembuat film dokumenter, serta pendiri tiga LSM di Indonesia. Ia telah menerbitkan lima buku kumpulan puisi, dan menulis kisah seorang wanita yang dipoligami. Didorong oleh belas kasih dan kebanggan akan budaya keadilan, Debra menjadi pembela hak asasi manusia dan hak-hak kelompok minoritas.


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