Bri Lee

Country: Australia

Bri Lee’s memoir of inequality in the Australian legal system, Eggshell Skull, was longlisted for The Stella Prize, shortlisted for the Australian Indie Book Awards, and won the People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards and the 2018 Nib Award. Her freelance writing has appeared in The Monthly, The Guardian and elsewhere.

Memoar Bri Lee tentang ketidaksetaraan dalam sistem hukum Australia, Eggshell Skull, masuk daftar panjang untuk The Stella Prize, dinominasikan untuk Australian Indie Book Awards, dan memenangkan People’s Choice Award di Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2019 dan Nib Award 2018. Tulisan lepasnya telah muncul di The Monthly, The Guardian, dan lainnya.


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