Azhari Aiyub

Country: Indonesia

Acehnese writer Azhari Aiyub won the Poets of All Nations’ Free Word Award in 2005. Perempuan Pala and The Garden of Delights & Other Tales is his collection of short stories. In 2018, his novel Kura-kura Berjanggut received the Khatulistiwa Award for prose. His works are published in various languages.

Penulis Aceh Azhari Aiyub memenangkan Free Word Award dari Poets of All Nations pada 2005. Perempuan Pala and The Garden of Delights & Other Tales adalah kumpulan cerpennya. Pada 2018, novelnya Kura-kura Berjanggut meraih penghargaan Khatulistiwa kategori prosa. Karya-karyanya telah diterjemahkan ke dalam berbagai bahasa.

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