Avianti Armand

Country: Indonesian

Avianti Armand is an author, poet, curator, and architect. She led the Indonesian curatorial team at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice in 2014. She received the Khatulistiwa Literary Award for her poetry collection Perempuan Yang Dihapus Namanya (Women Whose Names Were Erased) in 2011, and recently published her latest collection Museum Masa Kecil (Museum of Childhood).

Avianti Armand adalah seorang penulis, penyair, kurator, dan arsitek. Ia memimpin tim kurator Indonesia dalam 14th International Architecture Exhibition di Venice tahun 2014. Ia menerima penghargaan Khatulistiwa Literary untuk kumpulan buku puisinya yang berjudul Perempuan Yang Dihapus Namanya tahun 2011, dan baru-baru ini telah mempublikasikan buku kumpulan puisi berjudul Museum Masa Kecil.

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