Armando Ello

Country: The Netherlands

Armando Ello is a photographer, filmmaker and influencer within the Indo community. He successfully crowdfunded his own photography book Twijfelindo (Indos Who Doubt) and is working on a photography project about Indos around the world. With this project he not only explores Indo diversity, but also touches the anti-racism debate with humor.

Armando Ello adalah seorang fotografer, pembuat film dan influencer di kalangan komunitas Indo. Ia telah berhasil menggalang dana untuk buku fotografinya Twifelindo (Indos Who Doubt) dan sedang mengerjakan sebuah proyek fotografi mengenai para Indo di seluruh dunia. Dengan proyek ini ia tidak hanya mengeksplorasi keragaman Indo, tetapi juga menyentil debat anti-rasisme dengan humor.

Appearing in

Festival Club | A Shared Past and Future

Join four storytellers from The Netherlands with a family history in Indonesia as they explore the influence of Indo-Dutch roots, colonialism and migration on their work. Through conversation and performance, …