Alex Vermeulen

Country: Netherlands

Alex Vermeulen is an award-winning contemporary Dutch multimedia artist who works under the name SOH Alex Vermeulen. His work includes film books, films, performances, sculpture and installations. In recent years Alex has divided his time between Bali and New York. He collaborates with artists, musicians, composers and designers online or in his studios.

Alex Vermulen adalah seniman multimedia kontemporer asal Belanda pemenang penghargaan yang berkarya dengan nama SOH Alex Vermulen. Karyanya termasuk buku-buku film, film, pertunjukan, patung dan instalasi. Beberapa tahun terakhir, Alex membagi waktunya antara Bali dan New York. Ia berkolaborasi dengan seniman, musisi, komposer, desainer, secara online maupun di studionya.

Appearing in

Festival Club: The Epic

Inspired by the Ramayana and Shakespeare’s Othello, The Epic unites images, animation, music and voice to tell the story of a beautiful, other-worldly foundling and an ingenious outsider: a tale …

Art Exhibition: The Epic

The Epic is a kind of ‘non-movie’ of 32 film stills, presented as an interactive web book accessible at Performed by Balinese children from the dance school founded by …