Workshop | Investigative Writing

26 Oct 2019 10:00 - 13:00
International IDR 650,000 | Resident IDR 450,000 | National IDR 250,000
Full Circle, a concept by Expat. Roasters. Jl. Jatayu, Ubud (Google Maps)

Wildly curious about a place that’s hard to reach? Unsure how to convince elusive people to open up? Come and hear insights for capturing real life stories and composing creative non-fiction. Patrick Winn, an author covering the criminal underworld, and investigative journalist Pailin Wedel offer a guide to drawing narratives out of hidden places.


Pailin Wedel

Pailin Wedel is a Thai-American investigative journalist and filmmaker. She is the director of Hope Frozen, an Oscar-qualified documentary about cryonic preservation. Much of her work focuses on themes of …

Patrick Winn

Patrick Winn is an award-winning investigative journalist based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is the Asia correspondent for The World, a radio show appearing on National Public Radio, and author of the …

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