Main Program | Bali’s Poet-Priests

27 Oct 2019 14:30 - 15:30
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Taman Baca. Festival Hub, Jl. Raya Sanggingan (Google Maps)

Danghyang Nirartha and Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen are the brightest beacons for Balinese writers navigating the intricate and often impenetrable terrain of the island’s traditional literature. Our panel reflects on the influence and legacy of these kawi-wiku (poet-priests), particularly on their teachings about using literature as a tool for sharpening the mind and soothing the soul.

Danghyang Nirartha dan Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen adalah suar paling terang bagi para penulis Bali yang mengarahkan intrik dan yang kerap tak terjangkau dari sastra tradisional di pulai ini. Panel ini merefleksikan pengaruh dan peninggalan para kawi-wiku (penyair-pendeta) ini, terutama pada ajaran meraka mengenai penggunaan sastra sebagai alat untuk mengasah pikiran dan menenangkan jiwa.


IGA Darma Putra

IGA Darma Putra was born in Bangli, Bali. His lyrical prose collection Bulan Sisi Kauh (2017) won the Sastera Rancage Prize in 2018. He is part of the Komala Bangli …

I Wayan Juniarta

I Wayan Juniarta is a journalist who finds solace in crafting essays after a tragically failed attempt at poetry. His first and probably last book, Bungklang-Bungkling, records the hilarity and …

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