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JALANAN – Exclusive Preview Screening

14 October 2013
6:45 PM - 8:45 PM
Blanco Renaissance Museum
Jl Campuhan, Ubud - Bali
Free event

JALANAN (“Streetside”, 107 min, documentary) tells the captivating story of Boni, Ho and Titi – three gifted, charismatic bus musicians in Jakarta, and through them a wider, mostly-unknown story of contemporary Indonesia.

JALANAN intimately portrays the young musicians’ lives and quirky sub-culture, while also painting a striking, moody portrait of Indonesia’s frenzied capital city that is raw, humorous and brutally honest.

JALANAN charts the three characters’ personal journeys over a tumultuous 5-year period in their own lives and that of Indonesia – a fledgling, fragile democracy. The film accompanies the characters during moments of unexpected personal crisis, follows them back to their distant home villages in East Java, and traces their elusive, heartfelt quest for legitimacy, identity and love in their adopted city.

The film juxtaposes the personal dramas of the three characters with the angry, edgy politics of the country today, resulting in a fast-paced, thought-provoking journey through a layer of Indonesia rarely seen on the outside.
Above all, JALANAN is a touching, poetic urban drama – the story of marginalized young people struggling to lead meaningful lives in a huge city rapidly being overrun by the effects of globalization and corruption.
A powerful, real-life soundtrack of the musicians’ original compositions drives the film throughout.

JALANAN is directed & produced by Ubud-based filmmaker & author Daniel Ziv, and edited & co-produced by Ubud-based filmmaker Ernest Hariyanto. The screening will also be attended by JALANAN’s three main characters – street musicians Boni, Ho and Titi – who will travel from Jakarta to make a special appearance at UWRF. UWRF is privileged to host an exclusive community preview of this very special film before it heads to international film festivals and theatrical release in Indonesia later this year.

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JALANAN appears as part of A Long Way Home – celebrating the journey through words, film & music