Festival Club: The Last Wild Men of Borneo

26 Oct 2018 19:30 - 20:30
/ / Free
Bar Luna. Jl. Raya Ubud (Google Maps)

In The Last Wild Men of Borneo, Carl Hoffman traces the fortunes of two Western explorers who travelled deep into the wild heart of Borneo. Their paths were different but would echo each other – opposites but also equals. Join an intimate telling of one of the last great adventure stories.

Dalam The Last Wild Men of Borneo, Carl Hoffman menelusuri nasib dua penjelajah Barat yang melakukan perjalanan memasuki alam liar Kalimantan. Jalur yang mereka ambil berbeda tetapi saling bergema – berlawanan tetapi tetap sama. Bergabunglah dengan pengisahan mendalam mengenai salah satu kisah petualangan yang hebat.


Carl Hoffman

Carl Hoffman is the author of The Last Wild Men of Borneo, which the Washington Post called “a work of remarkable empathy” and 2016 Pulitzer Prize winner William Finnegan said …

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is the Director of the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas in Melbourne. Previous host of ABC Radio National’s Blueprint for Living, he now hosts Talkfest and …

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