Book Launch: Mission to China: How an Englishman Brought the West to the Orient

27 Oct 2017 15:30 - 17:00
/ Free
Sri Ratih Cottages. Jl. Campuhan (Google Maps)

Walter Medhurst set sail from London for Malacca in 1816. It was the beginning of his career as a missionary, adventurer, printer, writer, translator, teacher and 19th century pioneer to China. This is a true story of love, adventure, dedication and tragedy, set during a time of great turmoil, and one that changed the course of history.

In 1829, Medhurst explored Bali and his journal has been used as an addendum to the book, a copy of which will be given away to those who attend the book launch. 

Walter Medhurst berlayar dari London ke Malaka pada tahun 1816. Inilah awal karirnya sebagai Misionaris, Petualang, Pencipta, Penulis, Penerjemah, Guru, dan Pelopor di abad ke-19 di Cina. Ini adalah sebuah kisah nyata tentang cinta, petualangan, dedikasi, dan tragedy yang terjadi pada saat terjadi kekacauan besar, dan yang mengubah jalannya sejarah.


John Holliday

Born in England, John Holliday has spent most of his life in Canada and Australia. A visit to Jakarta in 2008 sparked his interest in writing the biography of his …

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