Book Launch: Gugug!

25 Oct 2018 16:00 - 17:30
/ Free
PiciPici. Picipici Warung. Jl. Bisma no. 88

Gugug! is a graphic novel inviting readers to try to realize humans are not too distant from animals. When we realize this, we can learn that animals and humans, nature and culture, are two twin brothers who have not yet finished their adventures.

Supported by Gramedia.

Gugug! adalah sebuah novel grafis yang mengundang para pembaca untuk mencoba sadar bahwa manusia tidak terlalu jauh berbeda dari binatang. Ketika kita menyadari hal ini, kita dapat belajar bahwa binatang dan manusia, alam dan budaya, adalah dua saudara kembar yang belum menyelesaikan petualangan mereka.

Didukung oleh Gramedia.



Mohammad Taufiq, better known as Emte, is an illustrator and graphic designer exploring various mediums. He has created many book cover illustrations and layouts for books, magazines and other print …

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