Book Launch: Girl Submerged

25 Oct 2018 16:30 - 18:00
/ Free
Herb Library. Jl. Jembawan 1 (Google Maps)

Your narrator, Sirena, shares vivid dreams, watery emotions, and visions – what most people keep to themselves. Sirena’s story traverses the uncovering of buried sexual trauma, healing through an intimate relationship, and her resulting spiritual awakening. Sirena’s journey covers difficult terrain, but is juicy and mystical along the way.

Narator Anda, Sirena, berbagi mimpi yang jelas, gejolak emosi, dan visi – sesuatu yang bagi kebanyakan orang disimpan untuk diri mereka sendiri. Kisah Sirena membahas seputar pengungkapan trauma seksual yang terkubur, cara penyembuhannya melalui hubungan yang intim, dan pencapaian titik spiritual miliknya. Perjalanan Sirena meliputi medan yang sulit, tetapi penuh dengan kisah menarik dan mistis.


Avara Yaron

Avara Yaron is an entrepreneur and an artist. A periodic shapeshifter, Avara has earned a film degree, a spiritual counseling license, and has explored life as a painter, filmmaker, jewelry …

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