Book Launch: Angkot & Bus Minangkabau: Popular Culture & Popular Values

28 Oct 2018 15:00 - 16:30
/ Free
Littletalks. Jl. Raya Campuhan (Google Maps)

Creative, funny, dynamic, nyentrik – the vibrant pop art on the wildly decorated buses and passenger vans (angkot) of West Sumatra is a sight to behold. This bilingual book, translated by Iskandar P. Nugraha, explores the color and complexity of that art in entertaining fashion, with over 250 color photos.

Kreatif, lucu, dinamis, nyentrik – semarak seni pop dalam bus dan angkot Sumatera Barat yang dihias dengan sangat indah adalah pemandangan yang patut dilihat. Buku dwi bahasa ini, yang diterjemahkan oleh Iskandar P. Nugraha, mengeksplorasi warna dan kompleksitas seni tersebut dalam mode menghibur, dengan lebih dari 250 foto berwarna.


David Reeve

David Reeve has been visiting Indonesia for 50 years, as a diplomat, researcher, language teacher, historian and project manager. He has taught Indonesian language, culture and history at many places …

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