Art Exhibit: Abstract Is?

12 Oct 2017 08:00 /

Abstract artistic expression is often celebrated in contemporary Indonesian art, as it stems from a vast array of artistic and cultural heritages. Seven young artists – Made Kenak Dwi Adnyana, …

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Art Exhibit: Membumi

15 Oct 2017 10:00 /

I Wayan Suastama and Ketut Suasana (aka Kabul) are members of Bali’s Militant Art collective. In the face of local and global environmental, social and political struggles, the collective is …

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Fringe Event: The Playwrights’ Retreat

20 Oct 2017 08:00

Set in the lush tranquillity of Taksu Spa, this five-day intensive retreat is for playwrights seeking a productive space to work under the guidance of experienced facilitators. Tanika Gupta and …

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Art Exhibit: ACxDC

21 Oct 2017 19:00 /

Adopting the flow of an alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC), six artists from Bali and Yogyakarta use the two types of electrical charge to respond to all they …

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Art Exhibit: Ekam Sat Viprah Bahudha Vadanti

22 Oct 2017 19:00 /

The Reg Veda, one of the four sacred texts of Hinduism, proclaims “Ekam Sat Viprah Bahudha Vadanti” – all that exists is one, it is just described differently. Be immersed …

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Art Exhibition: Pedawa Photography by Yvonne Pekerti

25 Oct 2017 10:00 /

Compelled to protect the mula – the beginning of Bali and its people, artist and architect Yvonne Pekerti collaborated with respected elder I Wayan Sukrata on a dwelling restoration in …

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Workshop: Poetry with Purpose

25 Oct 2017 14:00 /

Young women under 30 can strengthen their voices with poet, writer and literary activist Clarasia Kiky, and producer and book publisher Olin Monteiro. This in-depth, three-hour Arts for Women performance …

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Book Launch: Search Box Bed

25 Oct 2017 16:30 /

Urging readers to “fill the tiny / unmade bed of the search box,” these timely, alluring poems build on radically changing communication technologies to explore a new sexuality that does …

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Film Screening: Poets on Permits

25 Oct 2017 17:00 /

Poets On Permits is a documentary about migrant workers in Singapore, and their poetry. Read between their lines. Five captivating people from Bangladesh, the Philippines, India, China and Indonesia share …

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Live Music & Arts: Women of Words Poetry Slam

25 Oct 2017 20:00 / /

Ladies, get ready to take to the stage as the Women of Words Poetry Slam returns. This year we’re looking for the finest poems celebrating our origins in nature and …

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Special Event: Gala Opening & Writers Dinner at Casa Luna

25 Oct 2017 18:00

Experience the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival alongside our star-studded lineup of authors, artists, thinkers and performers as we usher in our 14th year. Join our exclusive Gala Opening at …

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Art Exhibition: Arsip Bali 1928

25 Oct 2017 09:00 /

Arsip Bali 1928 (arsip is Indonesian for ‘archives’) is an international collaboration between ethnomusicologist Dr Edward Herbst and Bali’s largest ICT college, STIKOM Bali, to repatriate the island’s earliest music …

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Cultural Workshop: Market Tour and Cooking Class

For traveling foodies and curious cooks, discovering local produce at traditional markets is an essential holiday ingredient. With the Casa Luna Cooking School team, learn about Balinese cuisine’s colorful array …

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Cultural Workshop: Bahasa Breakfast

Kick-start your Festival day with traditional Balinese treats and coffee, while learning the basics of Bahasa Indonesia with the bubbly team from Cinta Bahasa. Learn key greetings, the dos and …

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Main Program: Festival Welcome

26 Oct 2017 09:00 /

Join us as the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival begins with a traditional Balinese welcome dance, opening remarks from Festival Founder and Director Janet DeNeefe, and two keynote speeches. In …

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Children & Youth: Get Crafty with Wayang Angkrek

Get crafty in this hands-on workshop where you’ll discover the art of wayang angkrek (traditional Indonesian stick puppets). Animals, mythical creatures, even superheroes – what you create is up to …

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Children & Youth: Storytelling Secrets

Kids of Ubud: create the book you want to read! Children’s book author and early childhood educator Shoba Chugani will guide you through how to build a story, and then …

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Main Program: Nh. Dini: A Living Literary Legend

26 Oct 2017 10:15 /

A living legend of Indonesian literature, Nh. Dini will reveal the flame that sustained her prolific writing career spanning more than five decades. Listen in as she narrates her colorful …

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Main Program: An Archipelago of Art

26 Oct 2017 10:15 /

In an archipelago of 17,000 islands, artistic expression takes a breathtaking array of forms. Join us for a taste of some of the most exciting dance, literature and visual art …

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Main Program: Preserving Culture

26 Oct 2017 10:15 /

Modern political, economic and social factors pose significant threat to Indigenous and traditional cultures. But keeping in touch with tradition isn’t only the work of elders and anthropologists. These young …

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