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Satellite Event: SURABAYA | The Residue Years with Mitchell S. Jackson

31 Oct 2016 09:00 /

From the street corners of pre-gentrified Portland to teaching the next generation of writers at New York and Columbia Universities, Mitchell S. Jackson has carved out his own story. He …

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Satellite Event: JAKARTA | Women, State Conflicts, and Writing

01 Nov 2016 16:00 /

Join two powerful women writers using their work to highlight the human stories at the heart of state-level conflicts. Suki Kim posed as teacher to go undercover in North Korea, …

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Satellite Event: JAKARTA | Poetry Night: The Courage to Unmask

01 Nov 2016 18:30 /

We often wear masks to disguise our deepest thoughts, opinions, emotions, and vulnerabilities—but we can use writing and poetry as an artistic vehicle to courageously express what’s hidden. Join us in …

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Satellite Event: SURABAYA | The Journey of a Journal

01 Nov 2016 19:00 /

Join a conversation Hannah Kent, co-founder of Australian literary journal Kill Your Darlings, and the author of The Good People and Burial Rites, a global bestseller translated into 28 languages. …

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Satellite Event: BANDUNG | Writing Women

01 Nov 2016 18:30 /

In writing and in life, expectations surround women and the stories they tell. Bri Lee is determined to challenge the way women are pigeon-hold through her feminist interview series Hot …

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Satellite Event: MEDAN | The Noise Makers from Scotland

01 Nov 2016 18:30 /

Calling all lovers of words, music and art in Medan: Neu! Reekie! are coming. Fresh from shows at the Edinburgh Festival and the National Museum of Scotland, co-founders Kevin Williamson …

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Satellite Event: PONTIANAK | War Poems

02 Nov 2016 13:00 /

Originating from the war-town region of Darfur in western Sudan, Emi Mahmoud shares her extraordinary journey to America and now Indonesia, and the world. A student of anthropology and molecular …

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Satellite Event: MEDAN | Undercover in North Korea

02 Nov 2016 18:30 /

Born and raised in South Korea, American novelist and investigative journalist Suki Kim is the only writer to have lived undercover in North Korea. Posing as a teacher she worked with …

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