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Pull up a seat and settle in for our free Film Program. With many sessions including a Q&A with directors, actors and scriptwriters, it’s your chance to meet the stars of Indonesia’s burgeoning film industry.

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Film Screening | All is Forgiven, Because We Have Been Happy (2017)

23 Oct 2019 15:00 / /

Directed by Katia Engel and Paul Agusta, this documentary explores the life of poet, cultural activist, and playwright Leon Agusta, who was born in Sigiran, Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra in …

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Film Screening | CINEMAWITHOUTWALL Showcase

24 Oct 2019 15:00 /

CINEMAWITHOUTWALL is a movement that strives to gather young filmmakers around the world to collaborate, learn, create and screen films that can bridge boundaries and make an impact. This showcase …

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Film Screening | Etanan (2018)

24 Oct 2019 20:00 / /

Directed by Riandhani Yudha Pamungkas, this documentary explores the natural beauty of Mount Bromo, Watu Ulo Beach, Mount Ijen, Madakaripura Waterfall and other wonders of the Tapal Kuda area, the …

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Film Screening | The Woven Path: Perempuan Tana Humba (2019)

25 Oct 2019 16:00 /

Prominent director Lasja F. Susatyo’s two-part documentary illuminates the struggles and dreams of women in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Known for its spectacular scenery and magnificent traditional textiles, Sumba’s …

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Film Screening | Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku (Memories of My Body) (2018)

25 Oct 2019 20:00 /

Legendary director Garin Nugroho’s new film explores the winding inner journey of a Javanese Lengger Lanang dancer. Before its Indonesian premiere it had already won various awards in the international …

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Film Screening | JAFTA Short Films Showcase

26 Oct 2019 15:00 / /

Jamaica Film and TV Association (JAFTA) is a non-profit association representing Jamaica’s film and tv industry. Some of the films in this showcase were created wholly independently by JAFTA members …

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Film Screening | Aruna dan Lidahnya (Aruna and Her Palate) (2018)

26 Oct 2019 18:00 /

Directed by Edwin, Aruna dan Lidahnya is an adaptation of the novel by Laksmi Pamuntjak. Aruna embarks on a culinary adventure with her two best friends, but along the way …

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Film Screening | 27 Steps Of May (2018)

26 Oct 2019 19:00 /

Loosely based on the rapes of Chinese Indonesian women during the May 1998 riots, 27 Steps of May tells the story of May who was gang raped when she was …

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Film Screening | Bibliographia (2013)

27 Oct 2019 15:00 / /

A film by João Manso and Miguel-Manso, a Portuguese poet part of this year’s Main Program. In the summer of 1969, four friends rode a raft down the rivers Zêzere …

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