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Program Category: Festival Club

The Festival Club is an event running each day of the UWRF22 program. The Festival Club will feature various young speakers and inspiring figures, discussing a range of diverse topics from literature, social issues, the environment, and art.

The Festival Club events venue is in Rumah Buku, Taman Baca @Festival Hub from 27 – 30 October.

Festival Club | A Discussion of Works of UWRF Emerging Writers with Indolitclub

27 Oct 2022 17:45 /

Join a lively Indolitclub discussion of two stories from the UWRF 2022 Anthology. The stories were written by Eko Darmoko and Sasti Gotama from their unique cultural, historical, social, and …

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Festival Club | Lebih Dekat dengan Gurat Institute

27 Oct 2022 18:45 /

View the Gurat Institute & Art Project, a Bali art collective that is actively exploring the Island’s art. Learn about Prasi paintings on lontar and the works of I Gusti …

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Festival Club | Story of a Translation: ‘Menolak Ayah’ to ‘Rejection’

28 Oct 2022 17:45 /

The book Menolak Ayah explores Batak culture by using magical words and presenting contradictions between traditional Batak culture and Jakarta society in the early 1960s. Join author Ashadi Siregar in …

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Festival Club | Meet the Publishers

28 Oct 2022 18:45 /

Meet the book editors who work endlessly to curate and publish high-quality work. Find out the best tips and tricks from budding writers in the publishing world and learn the …

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Festival Club | Publishing and Copyright

28 Oct 2022 19:45 /

What are the characteristics of publishing nationally and internationally? Find out how to present your writing to the public and join the discussion on the intricacies of copyright. Novice writers …

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Festival Club | Mencintai Munir

29 Oct 2022 17:45 /

Written amid many challenges, Love Munir records Suciwati’s life path as the wife of Munir Said Thalib, a courageous Indonesian activist who was killed for defending human rights and civil …

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Festival Club | International Publishers Congress 2022

29 Oct 2022 18:45 /

The world’s largest federation of national, regional, and specialist publishers’ associations, The International Publishers Association (IPA), will have the 33rd International Publishers Congress in Jakarta on 10-12 November 2022. Join …

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Festival Club | ‘G’day Cameleers, the Influence of Afghan Cameleers in Australian History

29 Oct 2022 19:45 /

A history into the Afghan cameleers and their influence of the infrastructure of Australia’s history and their relationship with Australia’s first nation people. A panel discussion with the film maker …

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Festival Club | Bali: is Beauty a Curse?

30 Oct 2022 17:30 /

Bali brings together various groups of people and ethnicities, who all have a bond of love for this island. With so many changes happening, how is cultural preservation grown without …

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30 Oct 2022 18:30 /

Jean Couteau invites you to a discussion with the author of Bali, 50 Years of Changes: A Conversation with Jean Couteau, Eric Buvelot, about how otherness and nationalism have evolved …

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